Hybrid - Fully welded plate heat exchanger

General Description

The hybrid heat exchanger is a special plate heat exchanger covering nearly all industrial applications. It is suitable for chemistry, petro chemistry, sugar-, food- and pharmaindustry, and many more. This heat exchanger unites the conventional tubular-, plate- and spiral heat exchangers and can be made to fit almost all thermal conditions. Furthermore it can also be built as an evaporator or condenser, with the compact construction style (250m 2/m 3) resulting in a low weight. The fully-welded construction has no soldering points or extensive gaskets, therefore strains for the heat exchangers result only from the surrounding environment.


cross-section through a Hybrid heat exchangercross-section through a Hybrid heat exchanger

flow section Hybrid heat exchanger



Hybrid plate heat exchangers have a high heat transfer efficiency at compact measurements and low pressure loss. They are mainly used in evaporation- and condensation-processes. Inside the hybrid devices tubular flow cross-sections without any dead zones direct the flow with regular transverse embossments. They achieve a considerable increase in heat transfer without noticeably raising the pressure decrease. At the same time the transverse embossments cause neighbouring cross-sections to support each other, thereby bracing the whole structure (which will withstand pressures up to 60 bar).  

The temperature limits are -200°C up to +900°C. The heat transfer is achieved via the 0.4 to 1.0 mm wall of the exchanging element, which is designed as the primary heating surface. The use of corrosion-resistant material is possible without respect to its thermal conductivity, providing it can be bent and welded. The flow channels can be cleaned chemically as well as with an air-, water- or steam-jet. The hybrid plate heat exchanger can be made to fit many different tasks by simply dividing it up into several flow-channels (alternating cross-counter flow).


  • high heat transfer factor at low minimum temperature difference
  • low device weight
  • compact device measurements
  • low pressure loss
  • mechanical stability even at relatively high differential pressures
  • gas-tight isolation of substance flows
  • gas-tight isolation of substance flows
  • easy to clean and maintain
profiled metal sheet

profiled metal sheet

Product range

  • evaporators

  • falling-film-Evaporators
  • rising-flow-evaporators
  • circulation Evaporators
  • coolers and pre-heaters 
  • condensers and gas coolers
  • exhaust gas heat exchangers

  • liquid-liquid heat exchangers
  • gas-liquid heat exchangers
  • gas-gas heat exchangers