VAU plate falling film evaporators hover over Nordzucker Schladen

In a record time of just six months three plate falling film evaporators with a total heating surface of approx. 12,000 m² were delivered on time to Nordzucker's Schladen plant. Due to the precise planning for...   mehr


In-time delivery to Brasil & successful installation

After visiting Brazil's largest sugar trade show "Fenasucro" in August 2017, we worked hard to ensure the punctual delivery of two evaporator packages with a total heating surface of 2,532 m². The aim was...   mehr


VAU plate evaporator improves performance of the Zeitz sugar factory - Südzucker successfully completes first campaign

Südzucker in Zeitz has completed this year's campaign very successfully. Thanks to a newly installed plate evaporator in the first stage of VAU Thermotech, it has been possible to increase capacity while...   mehr


Nordzucker grants VAU major order for three new plate falling film Evaporators

For the 2018 campaign Nordzucker has ordered three new plate falling film evaporators from VAU Thermotech for the plant in Schladen. The planned total evaporation area for all three evaporators is around...   mehr


VAU visits Brazilian sugar factory & Brazil's largest sugar trade show "FENASUCRO" 2017

As we already reported last year VAU has delivered a cane sugar Evaporator to a Brazilian sugar factory. After successful commissioning we were invited to visit the Brazilian sugar factory "Barra Grande" of...   mehr

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