EXEL Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Refrigeration

General Description

EXEL heat exchangers are tried-and-tested product for refrigeration in various systems, in particular as a refrigerant evaporator and condenser for heat pumps. EXEL ensures the following functions in the cooling circuit:

  • evaporation (liquid cooling)
  • liquefaction (water cooled)
  • decompression (heat recovery)
  • overheating / subcooling (economizer)
  • oil cooling (water or refrigerant cooled)

Permissible Operation Conditions

  • permissible operating pressure: max. 42 bar, min. vaccum
  • permissible operating temperature:                             max. 195 °C, min. -40 °C
  • plate material: 1.4404
  • brazing material: 99,9 % copper
  • CE-marking AD2000-PED